Videoclip: Lockdown at home

The new EP will be accompanied by video clips and how could it be otherwise, made at home with tools at hand.

The video edition, like the graphic and photography of the EP, was in charge by Dani Cilli.

Listen to the whole EP in:


New release: Lockdown at Home (EP)

During the period of isolation inspiration has come. Homero Tolosa and Federico Verteramo, companions for years in different groups, materialized this spontaneous partnership to shape an EP with curious peculiarities. 

Composed of four original songs, the lyrics seek to portray the feelings that we experience during this period of quarantine. 

¨At night we would connect via WhatsApp and after defining a melody as a starting point we would get to work on the message and the lyrics for the song¨ 

¨We felt strong inspiration and enthusiasm. We used it to write four songs together in five days¨ 

Recorded from home and with absolutely limited equipment, adding musicians to achieve a traditional band sound meant work that, technically, could not be carried out in a reasonable time. 

The inspiration for the search for sound and style came then from artists who throughout history have developed using only a guitar and drums: RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Robert Belfour, representatives of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues, as well as also in more modern ones like The Black Keys, Jack White, Shawn Pittman and Cedric Burnside as well as in the sound of the Fat Possum label. 

¨Although we had strong inspirations, the search for sound and own style has been a premise. For weeks we spent listening to the musicians of the style and passing music to each other, but the identities and baggage of each one are always there¨ 

¨We understand that we are artists who live and play in the year 2020. We wanted the stories we tell to be inspired by the artists we like, but mainly, that they are fed by our way of interpreting¨ 

As a guest musician, Adrian Jimenez, an undisputed leader of the harmonica, currently based in Madrid participates in a song. 

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