Federico Verteramo & Jorge Costales touring Europe in 2019

«Tour Releasing #EuropaBluesTour new album»

Federico Verteramo & Jorge Costales


May to July 2019


Federico Verteramo, guitarist and singer and Jorge Costales, harmonicist and singer are two of the most popular argentinian Blues musicians. They have played in more than 15 countries and released albums in recent years.

They have made three tours in Europe (2016, 2017, 2018) and next is the information of the next one to be held in 2019, with confirmed concerts in Spain, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium.

Tour releasing #europabluestour album:

During May and June 2019 will be having placed the fourth european tour involving Federico Verteramo & Jorge Costales. They will be showing their new album recorded called #europabluestour.

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This badge comes as a result of the previous tours made by the band in 2016 and 2017, where they had the chance to participate in important festivals and concert rooms in countries such as Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary and Germany.

The new album, besides their own repertoire, gathers the participation of some of the most recognized musicians in the continent like Jörg Danielsen (Austria), Quique Gomez (Spain), Bone Tee (France), amongst others. This album is a vivid translation of their experience as a band and their bond to the european country and its Blues whereabouts.

Click here for video summary from 2016 tour.



Federico Verteramo and Jorge Costales constitute one of the most active Blues projects in South America nowadays.


Locally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, they have blended in many occasions, offering shows with a wide range of blues traditional styles. While Federico leans toward the classic blues sounds, specially «Chicago Blues«Costales provides rhythms like boogie woogie, jump blues and swing to the repertoire, identified like the West Coast from California.
They have made near two hundred presentations since 2015, when they first started working together, including participations in important festivals like Vienna Blues Spring” (Austria), “Mississippi Delta Blues Festival” (Brazil), “Keep the blues Alive” (Uruguay) and “Buenos Aires Blues Festival” (Argentina).
Simultaneously, the project has also served as the local band that partnered up with international musicians that have toured Argentina, such as Dylan Bishop (USA), Jorg Danielsen (Austria) and Quique Gomez (Spain).
 On the other hand, they’ve also played together and separately with huge artists of the genre including Tail Dragger (USA), Dave Riley (USA), Lurrie Bell (USA), amongst others. 

Click here  for video with Dylan Bishop

Click here  for video with Tail Dragger 

Considering discography material, in 2017 Federico presented their last album called Verteramo Trío which, with a powerfull sound, tried to imitate the impact that the band achieves in live performances. They recorded not only blues covers, but also originals.


In 2016 Jorge Costales released «Shock Instrumental», his first solo album that proposes a firm travel through California Blues and that has received excellent criticism among different media.

Jorge is endorser of harmonicas of the German Seydel brand, one of the most important manufacturers in the world: Click here for more info.

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«Verteramo Trio» (2017) Link Spotify  Click here

«Shock Instrumental» (2016) Link Spotify Click here


Verteramo Trio & Jorge Costales Set completo en Viena Blues Spring (Austria)


Jorge Costales – Album Shock instrumental lanzamiento


Verteramo Trio &Jorge Costales – Sleeping in the ground (2017, Buenos Aires)


Jorge Costales – Little Bitty Pretty One – Buenos Aires Blues Festival


Verteramo Trio – Extra Jimmies, Going upside your head (Buenos Aires)


Jorge Costales – Greasy Gravy


Taill Dragger (USA) + Verteramo Trio & Jorge Costales (Buenos Aires)



Email: verteramo.federico@gmail.com

Telefono: +54 9 11 54905110


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