Xime Monzon Band touring Europe in 2020

«Tour releasing My Harp My Soul album «

Xime Monzon Band

Available in September 2020

Xime Monzon is an Argentinian harp player and singer with an outstanding career that has led her to participate in countless festivals in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

Her latest release, My Harp My Soul, has been released by the renowned Brazilian record label Chico Blues Records.

Since then it has established itself as an unavoidable reference of the genre and harps in South America, leading even to become an official representative of one of the most important manufacturers of the instrument in the world, the german Seydel. Click here for more info

The band is composed by Mauro Bonamico on bass, German Pedraza on drums and Federico Verteramo on guitar. Together they will be touring in September 2020 proposing a show that attracts both audiences of the genre and the public in general.


Ximena began her musical training in mid-2006 and a few years later he was already participating in different groups in the musical environment of Buenos Aires.

Xime Monzon Band 2019

Since 2011 Ximena is working on her solo project, along with / Federico Verteramo on guitar, Mauro Bonamico on bass and Rodrigo Benbassat / German Pedraza on drums.

She plays all across Argentina in clubs and festivals. She has also been traveling a lot outside her country, at Blues Festivals; Mexico, Uruguay,Brazil and Chile, along with well known Blues artists like Lurrie Bell, Vino Louden, Mike Wheeler, Flàvio Guimarães and Alamo Leal among others.
She also does workshops and teaches harmonica.

Her influences are the great masters of blues harmonica such as: Walter Horton, Sam Myers, Little Walter, Sonny Boy I and II, Billy Branch, Lazy Lester, Slim Harpo, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell and many others.

  • 2014 – México -Bar Ruta 61, D.F. and El Festival Internacional SalvaBlues (Guanajuato).
  • 2014 – Third Bs As Blues Festival (En La Trastienda Club).
  • 2014 – 2016 -Tour in Patagonia (Bolsón, Neuquèn, Chipolletti, Chos Malal, Comodoro Rivadavia, Las Heras, Bariloche,  Esquel, etc), Festival Quilmes Blues en Esquel.
  • 2015 – 2016 – Mississippi Blues Festival 2015 y 2016 in Brasil,with artist like Bob Stroger, Zora Young.
  • 2015 – Tours in Brasil produced by reknown harp player Flavio Guimarães, including Bourbon Festival Paraty en Río de Janeiro.
  • 2016 – Tour Santiago de Chile and masterclass in Escuela de Blues de Santiago
  • 2016 – 12 edition Fórum Harmónica en Fortaleza north of Brasil.
  • 2017 – Festival de Blues y cerveza en Lago Ranco (Chile)
Xime Monzon Band in
Ilha Blues Festival (Brasil, 2019)
  • 2017 – Brasil, Río de Janeiro with Flavio Guimarães and Álamo Leal, BB Seguridade 2017 (Brasilia), BB Seguridade 2017 (Sao Paulo) ,12th Canoa Blues en el norte de Brasil (Canoa Quebrada),
  • 2017 – 10th Mississippi Delta Blues (Caxias Do Sul), Uruguay:
  • 2017 – Festival internacional de Blues en la sala Zitarrosa, (Montevideo) Ferona José Ignacio.
  • 2017 – Argentina: Bariloche, Esquel, Neuquén, Chipolletti, Chos Malal,
  • 2017 – Festival  de Jazz y Blues en Junín Ranchería, Córdoba Capital y Villa Carlos Paz entre otros.2018 1er Festival de Punta del Este (Uruguay).
Xime with Lurrie Bell 2014
  • 2018 – Tour in Santiago de Chile: Bar Grezz, Club de Jazz de Santiago, Clínica integral de armònica and Open Seydel
  • 2018 – Tour inCipolletti, Comodoro Rivadavia, Caleta Olivia, Las Heras.
  • 2019 – Tour in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte y Parà de Minas, en el 6to Festival Riomarjazz en Recife, Pernambuco Brasil
  • 2019- Tour Belo Horizonte destacando el 8º Dipanas Blues Festival,
  • 2019 -4to Festival Internacional de armónicas en Rosario.
  • 2019 – Jazzporto 2019 en Porto de Galinhas.

My Harp My Soul (Chico Blues, 2018)

Discography and Video

My Harp my Soul It is the latest production of Xime Monzon Band. Recorded in Buenos Aires at Romaphonic Studios and edited in Brazil by the label Chico Blues Records. It has 10 tracks combined between originals and covers and has been very well received since its release.

Previously Xime was summoned and recorded in the production of the Argentine label Blues en Movimiento for the album 4 armonicas argentinas, (4 argentian harps) where, together with other prominent Argentine harmonists, they released this album in 2014.



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