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The contents of the classes are focused on the blues guitar and based on 5 major topics that complement each other:

  • Guitar tricks: Key concepts and resources such as combined scales, chords, ways of bendings, vibratos, basic harmony, etc. All concerned to traditional guitar lessons.
  • Repertoire: classic songs but also others that have something particular to contribute to learning. With certain songs we study how different people interpret it in different ways, according to historical moments and places in the world. On the other hand also sub-genre features: Chicago, Texas, Memphis, Mississippi, West Cost, Jump Blues, British Blues, Rock-blues.
  • Blues master styles: we seek to understand the fundamentals of the great guitarists of the genre. Names like BB King, Freddie King and T Bone Walker are usual but we will also search in not so famous names but with great content to contribute.
  • Licks: complete solos, intros, turnarounds, riffs.
  • Rhythmic guitar: important in learning and fundamental to be able to play with other musicians. Rhythmic concepts, styles, chord variations, accompaniments depending on the characteristics of the band.

Videos and written material are delivered.

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  • E-mail: verteramo.federico@gmail.com