Guitarist, singer, bandleader or sideman, Federico Verteramo has emerged as one of the most active and acclaimed musicians, first in the in the South American Blues Scene and lately in the European, performing both his own music and backing some of the greatest performers too.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1991, since 2013 he has carried out his solo project as a singer and guitarist, with two albums released and four EPs.

The pandemic has meant tough times and a hiatus as a traveling artist but also productive to write and release new music. Ready to return to the stage, Federico Verteramo Blues Band, settles in Europe in 2022 in order to consolidate a reference project in the European Blues circuit.

Below information, background, discography and participation in other projects:

In 2013, he began his solo career when he was invited to participate in the album “5 Blues guitars”, produced by the association “Blues en Movimiento”.

CD Release ¨Verteramo Trio¨
Buenos Aires 2017

His first solo album was recorded in July 2016 and was the opportunity to consolidate the stable formation that took place from 2014 to 2019, «Verteramo Trio» with Christian Morana on bass and German Pedraza on drums with whom along with Jorge Costales on harmonica have made consecutively from 2016 to 2018 three tours to Europe called #europabluestour

Since the first tour in 2016 the repercussions were positive and opened the doors for consecutive repetitions, having given more than 100 concerts distributed in countries such as Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, among several others. CLICK HERE for video summary tour 2016.


As a result of these experiences and the interaction with well-known musicians along the way, the #europabluestour album was released in 2018. It tried to transform into music the bridges drawn between the circuits of Buenos Aires and Europe with important musicians invited from genre in Europe such as Jörg Danielsen (Austrian), Bone Tee (France), Suzzete Moncrief, Quique Gómez and Pablo Sanpa (Spain), among others. This project was financed by the collective financing system, the followers themselves were the executive producers.

Parallel to his career as a soloist he has worked in projects of local musicians and also he established itself as one of the go-to musician for American or European Blues artists looking for professional backing in South-America, working with artist such as Tail Dragger (Il, USA), Rip Lee Pryor (Il, USA), Dave Riley (Ms, USA) Dylan Bishop(Tx, USA), Jörg Danielsen (Austria), Flavio Guimaraes (Brasil), among others.

In the year 2017 he participated as guitarist in the edited disc of Dave Riley, bluesman from Mississippi, USA, called “Fired Up” and in 2018 of the CD-DVD “Live in Argentina” of the Chicago´s bluesman, Tail Dragger.

In the wake of the pandemic and the stoppage of tours between 2020 and 2021 new music has seen the light in four EPs: “Live Session” (2020), “Lockdown at home” (2020), “What’s next?” (2021) and “Rush Hour” (2021) .

In 2022 everything ready to return to the stage.

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