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Argentina is much more than tango, football, and barbecue.
In the 1990s and early 2000s, Buenos Aires was home to a legendary venue called Blues Special Club.
Once a month, the stage hosted a Chicago bluesman, often traveling alone due to budget constraints.
This dynamic gave rise to a generation of local musicians who learned to play by accompanying original Blues artists.

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In 2007, Federico Verteramo, a young enthusiast of blues and guitar, joined the local blues community associated with traditional Blues in this scene. Welcomed with open arms by this seasoned group, the musical journey that shapes Federico today begins now, playing both in his own formations and also as a sideman sharing the stage with blues references such as Tail Dragger, Rip Lee Pryor, Dave Riley, Bob Stroger, Lurrie Bell, and many others. He has notably contributed to albums like ‘Fired Up’ (2017) with Dave Riley and DVDs, including ‘Tail Dragger live at Mr. Jones’ (2016).

In 2013, he started his own band, and since then, has released three albums and four EPs, performing in more than 15 countries, including prestigious music clubs and festivals in Europe, South America, and the United States.


The concert was great, a group at the top with a leader, Federico Verteramo in great shape, excellent guitar and beautiful voice, Anita plays the piano extremely well, the original Blues is there in this Blues Club, we believe we are in Chicago in the 70s.
La Maison du Blues – France 03/2023


Today, in his third year of establishment in France, Federico Verteramo unveils his new album “In My Own Time”, a collection primarily composed of original songs and three carefully selected pieces from Tampa Red, Lazy Lester, and Magic Sam.

This opus marks the first discographic project realized in France with the collaboration of talented musicians such as Abdell B Bop on double bass, Eric Petznick on drums, and Anita Fabiani on piano, a harmonious fusion of French and Argentine talent that has garnered praise since its inception in March 2022.

The new album, recorded in November 2023 in Toulouse, features the fortunate exceptional participation of renowned guests, including Nico Duportal on guitar, Sylvain Tejerizo on saxophones, and Victor Puertas on harmonica and vocals.

Federico Verteramo and Anita Fabiani come from Argentina, and are a nice surprise of this festival. This quartet tours Europe, and their register revolves around Chicago blues and Boogie, to the delight of spectators. After several groups apart from traditional blues, it feels good to find its fundamentals. Federico is a good singer, and a guitarist full of feeling, and when he leaves the field open to Anita, his dexterity on the ivory keys leaves us speechless.
Blues Alive Magazine – France 9/2022


Federico Verteramo returned last night and it was as usual a good slap in the face of Chicago blues, as this artist puts at the service of this unique style not only his clear voice, a guitar playing and harmonies rarely seen here but also an impeccable orchestral direction with a perfectly flexible rhythm section and finally a new arrival, Anita Fabiani, queen of the organ and the boogie piano. We were dancing, of coursE
Blues-Sphere, Liège, Belgique 04/2022


Rush Hour (EP) - 2021

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