`Federico Verteramo returned last night and it was as usual a good slap in the face of Chicago blues, as this artist puts at the service of this unique style not only his clear voice, a guitar playing and harmonies rarely seen here but also an impeccable orchestral direction with a perfectly flexible rhythm section and finally a new arrival, Anita Fabiani, queen of the organ and the boogie piano. We were dancing, of courseโ€ฆ.ยด

Blues-Sphere, Liรจge, Belgique – April 2022

`Federico Verteramo, and Anita Fabiani, come from Argentina, and are a nice surprise of this festival. This quartet tours Europe anc their register revolves around Chicago blues and Boogie, to the delight of spectators. After several groups apart from traditional blues, it feels good to find its fundamentals. Federico is a good singer, and a guitarist full of feeling, and when he leaves the field open to Anita, his dexterity on the ivory keys leaves us speechless.โ€˜

Blues Alive Magazine, France – Septembre 2022